Red Door Renovation


UPDATE: 10/02/16

Today, there was a knock on my door, and it turned out to be a lovely young woman who GREW UP in our house.  Of course, she stopped by when the house was literally A WRECK, I haven’t cleaned well in weeks! But I brought her in and took her room by room through the house anyway. She was the sweetest girl, she teared up more than once, and shared stories about how she grew up here and her memories. Meeting her inspired me to GET BACK TO WORK on building this page and filling it with all the photos i have from the house over the years.  It’s clear that this house has known many, many years of love and loving families, so this house deserves to be talked about.🙂


When my husband John and I started house hunting years ago, like most couples, we focused on the area we wanted to live in and waited for houses to pop up on the market. Sadly, that didn’t happen very often.  Then one day, while driving down the street we loved, I saw a “FOR SALE” sign outside of a cute little colonial style house that led us to a foreclosure flip. We bought the house (for a FANTASTIC PRICE way below market value) and immediately starting making it our home.
The first thing I did when we moved in was take down the green shutters and replace them with black ones….then….I PAINTED THE FRONT DOOR RED! We dubbed the house “The Red Door”. For several years we made small improvements to the house a little at a time, as time and money permitted.

Today, we have lived here for twelve years and many things have changed about the house over time. More importantly, now that our son is older, we have a lot more free time to work on house projects.  Between that, and the introduction of a little website called “PINTEREST”, I am at a rabbit’s pace planning and completing new projects (more planning than completing!)

On this page, I am documenting some of the changes, improvements and projects that have made this sweet little house our HOME.

Jake’s Sleeping Loft 

Staircase Word Art Project

2 thoughts on “Red Door Renovation

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  2. Thank you so much for letting my oldest come visit the house today! I am sure it was bizarre! We were watching the game at my daughters and she originally was just going out into the court with her son so he could run around a little. She drifted up to your house, no shoes on either of them and the baby had gotten his pants wet so he was without them. I said to her, the woman must be a very sweet person to let you in looking like that! LOL!

    We have wonderful memories there. My husband and I were so happy when we were able to move from a very old house that needed tons of work to that home which was only 5 years old at the time. We felt like we hit the jack pot! We only had our 2 young daughters at the time but soon after we were there, we found we were expecting our 3rd girl. We moved our 2 daughters into the loft bedroom together when Natalie arrived and kids would come over to play and think they had the coolest bedroom! Thanks to the original owners with their fore sight for creating such a unique area. My girls used the upper part in the loft with the rope ladder for a bed for their dolls. It had the shelves for all of their books and a very low closet perfect for small kids. I have vivid memories of them drawing a line down the room when they were fighting. 😄 Another great memory is when I brought my youngest home from the hospital on Christmas Day. One not so nice memory is one spring when a tornado hit that area. My husband was deployed and I was so scaird. I took shelter under the steps with the girls. It literally picked up our glass top patio table off of the deck and threw it over the railing into the house next door and smashed it into a million pieces. There was a lot of damage through the area from that storm.

    The neighborhood was full of very young couples and children. Halloween was a madhouse with hundreds of trick or treaters and the kids looked forward to the display at Bunky’s house.

    The yard didn’t have the pool or a fence so the neighborhood kids would run back and forth from one yard to the next. The neighbors were all close and sadly, many we knew who still live there have lost spouses in the last few years. We are friends with a couple who still live there after all of these years. My youngest’s boyfriend is buying the house he grew up in on Denton Court from his parents who moved after 30 some years. Now my daughter has come full circle as she and Brandon are planning a future together and has moved back into the neighborhood and is living with him.

    We hated to move but with 3 growing girls and no basement and even with us finishing 2/3’s of the garage off, making the attic storage and under the steps storage, we had outgrown the house. I was a big gardener and had done a good amount of landscaping, we had upgraded many things and it was decorated nice. When I put the for sale by owner sign out at 5 pm, a couple who was looking at another sale across the street came over and knocked on our door. They walked through and we had a signed contract the next morning for full price! It was sad leaving there and sadder when we heard what happened with the couple that bought it. We are glad to hear that your family has found it and made it a good home again! I think of all of the houses we have lived in, that will be where our best memories were. I hope it is the same for you and your family. We had moved from there across 24 where we built a house and lived there until 11 years ago. We now live in the country up in Pylesville. Coming back there to visit my daughter is surreal. It is amazing out of everywhere in this county, that she is back in the same neighborhood that she started her life in.

    I hope we can meet on one of my visits. Thank you again for being so kind today! Kristin loved being able to walk into her old bedroom. By the way, I love the red door!

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