Keto waffles from heaven! 

Now matter how hard I have tried, no matter what changes in ingredients I have made, no matter what what what….I have YET to find any type of Keto bread recipe that is actually like normal bread. I have made DOZENS of recipes….and I’ve found a few that come close. But always….always….there is something not right. Something that only flour and yeast can give you. Be it a spongy egg texture….or a too strong almond or coconut flour taste. Always there is something not quite bread like.

Then I saw a waffle recipe today at and everything changed. I’m not exaggerating. This waffle changed the game. Keep reading for the link to the recipe.

I whipped up the recipe exactly as the directions said….and whoa nelly! It tasted like a regular waffle. No wait…it actually tasted better than a regular waffle. The texture was fabulous, the taste….fantastic. One waffle filled my tummy up! My husband and I were over the moon for them! And…you can make them in batches, refrigerate some and freeze some. (If freezing separate waffles with a small piece of wax paper or parchment, as they will stick together without it)

It occurred to me that they would make great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches….so I made one! OH HAPPY DAY!

Then it occurred to me that if I left out the vanilla and sugar, and added some salt and a little pepper, I could make them more savory for tuna sandwiches or deli sandwiches or blt sandwiches! Holy Cow! The sky is the limit!

So today is an amazingly enlightening day for this here Keto girl, thanks to the genius of Libby “The Keto Goddess” over at ditchthecarbs. Here is the link to the exact recipe.


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