DIY Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Roller

I was checking out a high-end design website last week searching for some ideas to fill a few voids in my homes eclectic meets shabby chic meets rustic design. I came across a wall mounted Kraft Paper Roller. But…$258.00? Ouch!

Naturally, I started looking around for one but they were all quite pricey everywhere I looked, they were listed from $100.00 to $300.00. A handful of design sites show them in design photos but don’t actually sell them officially. (Unless of course you’re willing to hire the firm).

I knew I had to meet the challenge of making my own! So I woke up this morning, turned towards my darling husband and asked…. “Wanna help me with a project today?” He snickered and didn’t even answer me. Probably cause he knows what I really meant was “you ARE helping me with a project today!” This man is a saint I tell you! In my defense, I treated him to Starbucks as payment for his assistance.

I already had the design aspects and components in my head as we walked into the hardware store. An hour later we have finished our shopping, sipping on Starbucks and trying to figure out the mechanics of this project. I wanted to make the bar “spring loaded”. We had plumbers fittings, a steel bar, a spring, a wooden dowel, some screws and some toggle bolts. Once we figured out the mechanism of using the spring, the rest of the installation was relatively simple.

Best of all….my total cost was a mere $33.65! (not including the cost of the paper roll which I got from for $11.06 see link below)

DIY Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Roller

Materials list:

Wooden Dowel: 5/8″ x 36″ (purchased from AC Moore for $1.36)

(4) Black Iron Plumbing Floor Flange 1/2″

(4) Black Iron Plumbing 90* elbow 1/2″

1 Metal Spring 1/2″x 2″ (cut in half with wire cutters to make 2 smaller pieces)

1 Flat welded steel bar 3 ft. x 1/2″ x 1/8″

18 1″ #8 Stainless Steel Screws

18 wall anchors


The first thing you will want to do is SCRUB all of these metal components with soap and a kitchen scrub pad. (I used a green Scotch Brite scrub pad and Dawn)

Dry everything off on paper towels. If there is still black stuff coming off on the paper towels, scrub again!!! This prevents any marks from getting on your painted surface where you are mounting the paper roll.

Find the center of the surface you want to mount the paper on. Measure appropriately for the length of dowel you will need to support your paper roll. Mount your left flange by marking the four screw holes, drilling and inserting wall anchors wherever you don’t have a wall stud. Attach the flange to the wall. Now screw the elbow onto the flange. Stuff the elbow with plastic or paper (I used aluminum foil) to prevent the spring from sliding all the way to the back of the elbow. You’ll want to stuff it tight enough that when inserting the spring it comes slightly below flush with the opening like in the picture below.

Now….mark the second flange. Use a level to mark sure everything lines up. Before drilling any holes make sure the dowel can be taken in and out with the assistance of the spring. Adjust accordingly. Then drill holes, insert wall anchors and attach with screws. I was mounting everything on the steel door that leads out to my garage so it was a bit different drilling through that….drywall or wood will probably be easier. If you are mounting on an interior hollow core door, I’d suggest definitely buying the same paper roll I used, since it is pretty lightweight!

If you are putting in a second bar for string, follow the steps for the second bar. (As you can see I made mine a bit smaller, I measured to make sure the smaller bar was centered over the first one).

I had to cut the steel bar that I used for the cutting edge. Just measure and make it slightly wider than the flange bar you’ve already screwed to the wall. You’ll need to drill holes for the screws. I drilled them 1″ in from the ends.

After cutting the dowel to the length you want, paint it with some acrylic paint. I used Deco Art paint in Steel Grey. (Available at craft stores or Walmart for.79 cents) I used the same paint to paint the tops of the screw heads when everything was done. Here is a before/after pic of the screws and dowel unpainted or painted. I like both looks. Unpainted is a bit more industrial and painted looks more finished.

The last component is the paper roll and string. These items I bought from Paper like this comes in many thicknesses and lengths. I used painters masking paper, this paper is thin but not too thin. It’s great for gift wrapping, food wrapping, list making.

The red and white bakers string is here. 

And the creamy ivory cotton twine is here

I hope your project turns out well! Enjoy your new wall mounted Kraft Paper roller!


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